Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Services


HIPAA compliant medical transcription services.


Physician offices, clinics and hospitals, rely on us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Operating for over 9 years we provide stability and reassurance.

  • No long term contracts
  • No capital investment
  • Competitive rates


Medical Transcription for Physician Offices


Single Doctor practices frequently have reservations about outsourcing, the most asked questions are cost; will my reports receive the same attention as large accounts; will the technology required be difficult to handle. Medical transcription services (MTS) have a solution to meet all requirements and guarantee that all accounts including single doctor practices receive the same quality, attention to detail as all our physician accounts large or small. Our technology is simple to use and whilst being fully HIPAA compliant does not involve costly training or technical knowledge.



Medical Transcription for Practices & Clinics


Medical Transcription Services (MTS) provide doctors the flexibility to dictate by digital recorder or by our toll free telephone service. Our systems are simple and easy to use and do not require the doctor to change or complicate their normal dictation habits. Medical Transcription Services (MTS) uniquely offer each individual doctor the ability to have personalized templates so that they can maintain their structure for reports, there is no set layout requirement we do not impose a specific output report style. All reports are output to each individual physicians requirement with no additional cost for multi template applications.



Medical Transcription for Hospitals


Our skilled medical transcriptionists handle each and every account from a small community hospital to a large 400+ bed facility with the same dedication and expertise. Medical Transcription Services (MTS) set up each account to meet individual requirements creating a customized schedule for turnaround and delivery of daily reports. ALL reports are delivered within a specified time frame ensuring that we meet even the most rigorous schedule requirements. EMR? Not a problem we work with your system maintaining a seamless interface with your system of choice.





Our Customers

"Very pleased with how things are working. This is much simplier than we ever imagined. Our reports look great and the ability to access and print them from any computer makes our lives so much easier."


Plastic Surgery Practice




"The flexibility and support you give us is just great. Thank you so much".


Dr Hammond



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