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In 2002 when we first started, the preferred method for our doctors was to send us cassette tapes from which we would transcribe. Looking back it is surprising how far things have come. Since those days of receiving cassette tapes we have always been at the forefront of new technology to better assist our doctors. Today all doctors dictate via digital options, enabling us deliver reports in hours not days.




All our servers have several levels of security including Firewalling and Antivirus protection. Access is via a secure SSL encrypted connection.



Medical Dictation

We provide and support all forms of medical dictation for our doctors. By providing such a diverse range of methods each individual doctor has the flexibility to choose what is best for them. The 2 most popular methods we offer include use of our instant Toll Free telephone dictation and handheld digital recorder systems.

We have state of the art technology to ensure we can process accurate and speedy dictation.

Using our systems Doctors can dictate 24 hours a day 7 days a week





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